Responsive Select Menu

An alternative responsive menu paradigm for Agility

Would you rather turn your menu into a select box for mobile devices?
Okay, we can do that.

The Responsive Select Menu is a free plugin from SevenSpark available in the WordPress plugin repository. It’s fully compatible with both Agility and UberMenu.

Resize the window to less than 767px wide to see the responsive select menu

Admin Options

Through the Responsive Select Menu Control Panel you can:

  • Set your width breakpoint (where your menu switches from your standard menu to a select box)
  • Configure how many levels you wish to include in the select menu. Set it to 1 to include only the top-level menu items.
  • Choose the character used to indent your submenu items within the select box
  • Choose whether or not to exclude “dummy” items that don’t have links
  • Set the text of the first menu item

Responsive Select Menu is designed to be used with any WordPress theme that supports unordered-list-based WordPress 3 menus, and is fully compatible with Agility.

Based on the excellent tutorial from Chris Coyier and CSS Tricks – many thanks!