BrickLayer – Visual Layout Builder

Create customized Page layouts without writing a line of code using BrickLayer,
Agility’s Visual Layout Builder.
Introduction to BrickLayer

BrickLayer AJAX

Beautiful AJAX Drag&Drop Interface

A super-slick, intuitive UI for building your layouts. Build it faster and easier with BrickLayer.

A hybrid customization system – for newcomers and pros alike

Agility supports both standard coding customizations through WordPress Child Themes and the Page template system as well as custom configurations through the BrickLayer visual layout builder. You can even use them both on the same site.

Not a coding expert, or you’d rather not deal with creating a special template just to move some page components around? BrickLayer is for you! You can build your custom Page layouts with BrickLayer’s slick UI.

Want to have ultimate customization control, or find that visual layout builders just hold you back? No problem, you only use BrickLayer if you want to; it won’t interfere with your code customizations. Agility comes packaged with a starter child theme to get your customizations running quickly.

Create unlimited custom layouts

Create as many layouts as you want, and apply them to your pages with the WordPress Page Template system.

Easily add:

  • Sliders
  • Portfolios
  • Taglines
  • Widget areas
  • Blog posts
  • Maps
  • Custom content
  • And more!

Video Tutorials

Become a BrickLayer expert quickly with Video Tutorials